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Color Meanings


While this list is not exhaustive it will give you a great starting point towards understanding the spiritual meanings of the colors we use. Many can have the same meaning.


Blue:  Hope, Healing, Grace, Heaven, Holy  

Green: Healing, Praise, Prosperity   

Yellow: Joy, Sunshine/Sonshine

Red: Blood of Jesus, Salvation, Holy Fire    

Orange: Holy Spirit, Praise, Warfare

Gold: Power, Glory

White: Purity, Light, The Bride                     

Purple: Royalty, Kingship, Majesty    

Bronze: Judgement

Silver: Redemption, Grace, Strength           

Pink: Right Relationship, A Soft Heart


Color Combinations 

Holy Spirit Fire: Red, Yellow, Orange

River of God: Blues, Aqua, Silver 

Royalty: Purple, Red

Israel: Silver, Blue  

Warfare: Red, Black, Gold

The Bride: White, Silver, Pink

Blood of the Lamb: Red and White 

Majesty: Purple, Red, Gold 

Heavenly Realms: Blue, Silver

'Worship the Lord with gladness. Come before him, singing with joy.'

- Psalms 100:2 NLT

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