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Lift Up Your Standard Conference

This year we have decided to allow vendors to be a part of our conference.  There will be a limited number of spaces available so be sure to inquire early.  If you are accepted as a vendor you must also register as a conference participant for yourself and anyone you have helping you at your table.  The tables are closed to everyone during session times as we want everyone in attendance to participate in the conference, getting everything out of the 2 days that God has for them.  Please be aware that due to limited spacing, not everyone who applies will be able to be accepted.  If you are accepted as a vendor you will receive an acceptance email and an invoice for the vendor fee, due upon receipt.


  1. FEES: There is a one-time Vendor table fee of $50.  All Vendors & helpers must also register for the conference as a participant.  You can register as a participant by clicking here

  2. SET UP: The church building will be open on Thursday, September 9th from 3 – 6 pm for setting up.  If you are not arriving in time to set up Thursday night, please let us know.  We can arrange for you to set up before the doors open Friday morning.

  3. TABLE INFO: Most tables are 8 feet long and white.  Table cloths are not provided, so you may want to bring your own.  You may also want to bring a cloth to cover your table when vendor tables are closed.

  4. ACCEPTING PAYMENTS: There is no centralized checkout.  Each vendor must have their own cash bag and be able to make change.  Please have signage at your table listing payment options.  If you accept checks, please include whom to make checks payable to.

  5. HOURS: Please arrive by 9 am when doors open to conference attendees.  Vendor tables will be open at designated times during lunch and dinnertime.  After the evening session Friday night, tables will be open as the meeting winds down and transitions into ministry time.  You may want to bring a cloth to cover your table in the case that the tables are open before you arrive or if you are being ministered to.  Please be mindful of closing times in order to wrap up sales in a timely fashion, so that our designated key holders can lock up, as they will not be able to leave until everyone has vacated

  6. AGREEMENT TERMS & CONDITIONS: I acknowledge that I have read the basic information and agreement. I agree to pay the $50 Vendor table fee.  I agree to register as a conference participant for myself and anyone helping at my table.  I also agree to honor the conference leadership by being at my table during the posted hours and vacating when it is time to close.  I understand that I may not recruit any of the church staff to unlock the door, but will wait for the designated person to let me in.  I am aware that applying to be a vendor does not guarantee that I will be accepted as a vendor.  If I am accepted I agree to pay the vendor fee upon receipt of my acceptance email and vendor invoice.

If you have any questions, you can ask on the vendor inquiry form or you can email, text, or call the number below.


We are looking forward to having you participate in this conference.  We are believing for a fruitful

time for all involved!




Minister Bobbi Muncy


All For His Glory Ministries

6721 Maysville Rd Apt. 4,

Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Phone: 320-360-3558



Agreement terms & conditions

Vendor Inquiry

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