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Have you ever wanted to create your own worship flags?  Well, now you can!  We have put together a kit with everything you will need to create 1 set of worship flags using an ice-dyeing technique.  It is perfect if you want to test the waters in making your own, as a gift for the creative worshipper in your life, a fun project for your homeschooler, or getting a few of your friends, youth group, flag/dance team, etc. together to have your own dyeing party. 


What does my kit include?

1 set of 5mm silk flags, 35 x 42 inches when finished

Fiber reactive dye - Max. 3 colors

Soda ash


Flex rods, pre-cut with vinyl end caps attached



What does my kit NOT include?


Baking racks

Bowl/Sink to dye in


  • **Please note that the colors might vary a bit from the sample and because of the dyeing technique, they will appear softer on the finished product.

    Washing Instructions:

    Hand wash gently with a gentle soap in cool water. Hang to dry. Iron with hot iron

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