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Personal Testimony: I have made Prayer Shawls for awhile. But I had never used one. I had one hot pink left. One day while I was walking through some things, I felt the Lord say “cover yourself” I knew he meant the prayer shawl. So, I did. I am not ADHD. But I do struggle with distractions. Especially if I am praying. As I pulled the prayer shawl over my head, I felt immense peace. It felt like it was just me and the Father. Alone and no distractions. I now love using my prayer shawl.

Pink Prayer Shawls

  • Each Shawls is handmade with a brightly colored Brocade fabric with matching sequin trim and tassels.

  • Each Shawl is approximately 36x60 inches. Do NOT machine wash. Spot clean with mild soap and iron out wrinkles

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